Our Services

It is integral for any business to keep income consistent, as sustainability is the stepping stone for growth. With AlWasl on your side, you will no longer spend time and valuable resources following up on bad debts and broken promises.

Our primary aim is to secure full payment as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining your relationship with your customer.

  • Dedicated Collection Team

    We can guarantee a dedicated collection team upon Client’s request. All our agents are bilingual (English and Arabic). Under no circumstances, will the agents dedicated to a Client work on any other Client, or have access to any other Client’s files or information. The collection team will at all times conduct themselves in accordance with the Client directions.

  • Quality Assurance Team

    Our Quality Assurance Team regularly reviews calls quality. They continually monitor all of our collection agents. They take into consideration the language used, time duration of the calls and attitude towards the Customers when they are listening to the calls. They also conduct quality assurance over data security in order to maintain confidentiality and safety. Our Quality Assurance Team conducts random meetings with collection agents and Clients in order to ensure standards are met. They provide reports and provide the necessary coaching in order to improve quality. Complaints and investigations are also handled by the Quality Assurance Team.

  • Courts and Litigation

    AlWasl has a long successful track record in litigation.