Our Facility

At our facility, we ensure that the best practice is upheld at all times. In order to provide peace of mind to our Clients, we have incorporated the following:

  • Private Meeting Rooms

    As debt collection is a highly confidential sector, we felt the need to provide private meeting rooms for Customers wishing to visit the premises to pay their debts or negotiate settlement deal in order to maintain their privacy.

  • Access Control

    The premises are secured by Biometric Access Control. This is to prevent unauthorized access to the facility.

  • Security

    To ensure the safety and security of our employees, our premises are covered by 24 hours CCTV. This also serves to provide a quality management system for our employees.

  • Safety

    The premises are protected by smoke detectors and fire alarms and are fully equipped with fire extinguishers and emergency apparatus. As an organization, we follow strict Health and Safety policies in the interest of our employees and Clients.